Frequently Asked Questions

First, watch all of the direxion ETF University videos. This will give you a foundation for your 3X knowledge. If you’re already familiar with technical analysis and other forms or charting analysis, then you are ready to start projecting using our charts! Just sign up for a monthly or annual subscription and you are set!

We will try and update them everyday after the close. Full updates every weekend after the Friday close.
Send us an email or contact form response and we can check it out for you! It may be an error, or your subscription ended.
We are currently offering a discount for new members at only $7 for the first month. Then only $10 after that, or you can get an annual subscription for only $100.
Yes, all charts start empty for new users! Just click the refresh link at the bottom to pull the new data and start charting! Remember, that if you click it again, any data that you have changed or entered will be lost. It will pull the up to date data each time.
We’re glad you asked! We appreciate our members sharing our YouTube videos and links on social media. If you have a trading service and would like to use TLE charts in your analysis please contact us for a free account. Email must come from yourname@yourwebsite.com
Check out our education tab for some great videos from DirexionInvestments.com. They have done a great job laying out the mechanics of a leveraged ETF!

Watch this quick How-To to get started!